It’s More than
a Desire to Win,

It’s a Commitment
to Shared Success

We are an energetic team that is committed to identifying and investing in great businesses.

Melekot Abate Melekot Abate Vice President Rose Ahearn Rose Ahearn Vice President, Tax Tori Alyssa Tori Alyssa Associate Thomas Arenz Thomas Arenz Partner Nina Assouline Nina Assouline Deputy General Counsel Maury Bardovi Maury Bardovi Vice President Patrick Benjamin Patrick Benjamin Associate Matt Bernstein Matt Bernstein Associate Oliver Blecher Oliver Blecher Associate Lina Bracky Lina Bracky Executive Assistant Michael Broderick Michael Broderick Vice President Matthew Bruckmann Matthew Bruckmann Vice President Jack Callahan Jack Callahan Associate Doug Campbell Doug Campbell Partner Stephen Carlson Stephen Carlson President, Private Equity Joshua Carter Joshua Carter Partner Julie Casella Julie Casella Head of Human Capital Corina Cetateanu Corina Cetateanu Director of General Partner Reporting Ken Chen Ken Chen Partner Lavinia Choremi Lavinia Choremi Executive Assistant Elizabeth Coughlin Elizabeth Coughlin Vice President Peter Coussa Peter Coussa Vice President, Finance Shari Cullen Shari Cullen Director, Management Company Rebecca Cummings Rebecca Cummings Business Development Coordinator Brigid Curtin Brigid Curtin Senior EA to the CEO & President / EA Team Manager Michelle Dai Michelle Dai Associate Paige Daly Paige Daly Partner Fabia DeCrescenzo Fabia DeCrescenzo Managing Director, Finance & Accounting Michael DeFlorio Michael DeFlorio Chief Executive Officer Jack DeFrino Jack DeFrino Associate Tyler Dineen Tyler Dineen Vice President, Finance Steve Duke Steve Duke Partner & Co-Head of Structured Capital Iris Duong Iris Duong Associate Denise Dlugozima Denise Dlugozima Office Manager/Executive Assistant Stephen Eisenstein Stephen Eisenstein Partner Cem Esendal Cem Esendal Director of Information Technology Julia Eshaghpour Julia Eshaghpour Associate Leila Eshaghpour Leila Eshaghpour Associate Stephen Fessler Stephen Fessler Partner Kevin Formica Kevin Formica Principal Elizabeth George Elizabeth George Executive Assistant Dan Glickman Dan Glickman Partner and Head of Credit & Capital Markets Isabel Grabel Isabel Grabel Associate Devin Graber Devin Graber Vice President Jennifer Greene Jennifer Greene Receptionist & Administrative Assistant Kevin Haack Kevin Haack Vice President Cristina Hartoularos Cristina Hartoularos Vice President, Management Company Scott Hopson Scott Hopson Director of Strategic Initiatives and Business Technology Anthony Host Anthony Host Office Services Coordinator Andrew Hudelson Andrew Hudelson Principal Alex Issler Alex Issler Vice President, Finance Mitchell Jones Mitchell Jones Associate John Josif John Josif Vice President Abby Kacergis Abby Kacergis Senior Associate, Portfolio Reporting and Analytics Sean Kapur Sean Kapur Principal Bobby Kelly Bobby Kelly Partner & Co-Head of Ascend Michael Kim Michael Kim Senior Associate Ira Kleinman Ira Kleinman Partner Brian Lang Brian Lang Vice President, Finance Chris Larsen Chris Larsen Vice President Rom Julian Lipa Rom Julian Lipa Senior Associate, Tax Justin Lipton Justin Lipton Partner & Co-Head of Ascend Sam Ludin Sam Ludin Senior Associate Campbell MacColl Campbell MacColl Partner Michael Mancini Michael Mancini Associate Sarah Mandi Sarah Mandi Associate Shane McHugh Shane McHugh Principal Carol Mendez Carol Mendez Vice President, Tax James Mitchel James Mitchel Partner Oakley Mize Oakley Mize Associate Solangi Mora Solangi Mora Executive Assistant Sean Murphy Sean Murphy Partner & Co-Head of Structured Capital Sandy Narain Sandy Narain Associate, Management Company Natalie Pambukian Natalie Pambukian Director of Finance, Private Equity, Ascend and Fundraising Sanya Pesic Sanya Pesic Human Resources Associate Paul Petronello Paul Petronello Vice President, FP&A Chris Peyser Chris Peyser Partner Martsina Pilchuk Martsina Pilchuk Senior Associate, Finance Operations Bechir Pierre Bechir Pierre Vice President Ewelina Z. Post Ewelina Z. Post Deputy Chief Compliance Officer Reed Rangaraju Reed Rangaraju Associate Fallon Raviol Fallon Raviol Associate Louis Riva Louis Riva Executive Assistant Lucas Rogers Lucas Rogers Principal Nicholas Romano Nicholas Romano Partner Roxanne Salim Roxanne Salim Investor Relations Coordinator & Senior Executive Assistant Chris Schaller Chris Schaller Partner Andrew Schoenthal Andrew Schoenthal Partner Louis Sciarretta Louis Sciarretta Chief Financial Officer Connor Scro Connor Scro Associate Andrey Semenov Andrey Semenov Vice President, Compliance Corey Settler Corey Settler Senior Associate, Finance Caroline Silvestri Caroline Silvestri Executive Assistant Claire Simon Claire Simon Vice President Ethan Soodak Ethan Soodak Principal Jeremy Sternbach Jeremy Sternbach Associate Pratima Surujpaul Pratima Surujpaul Senior Executive Assistant Dave Swanson Dave Swanson Partner Margaret Taylor Margaret Taylor Associate Alex Tofel Alex Tofel Senior Associate Jamie Toothman Jamie Toothman Chief Operating Officer, General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer & Partner Rachel Vitale Rachel Vitale Vice President of General Partner Reporting Oleg Vodatinsky Oleg Vodatinsky Tax Director Michael Volpert Michael Volpert Vice President Robb Webster Robb Webster Business Management Liaison Erik Weil Erik Weil Director of Finance, Structured Capital & Credit Andrew Weisman Andrew Weisman Vice President