An Integrated Platform With Differentiated Positioning and Access

Harvest Partners Credit is a natural extension of the broader Harvest Partners investment platform.

The combination of differentiated access to private credit opportunities, shared knowledge across Harvest’s platforms and a highly selective process drives what we view as an advantageous risk-reward profile relative to traditional credit funds.

Investments as of 9/30/2023

Differentiated Access

Harvest Partners Private Equity companies are among the largest borrowers in the private credit market. The Firm’s longstanding and significant presence in the private credit market provides Harvest Partners Credit with preferred access to credit deal flow.

  • Private Equity Credit Alliance
  • Leveraging longstanding lender and sponsor relationships
  • Leveraging the Harvest platform allows for equity-level diligence
  • Unencumbered decision-making
  • Differentiated sourcing strategy

Private Equity Credit Alliance

The firm co-founded the Private Equity Credit Alliance (PECA) to build a network of private equity firms to generate differentiated access to credit deal flow.